Tuesday 20 September 2011

Blast from the Past

I decided to start another series of posts (actually, it the second one after "Pick of the Wee" which is published every...now and then). This time it's going to be called "Blast from the Past" and I will be showing new pictures of my older works.
The reason I'm doing this is simple - an extremely talented and professional photographer (and a graphic designer as well) agreed to have his pictures of my works posted on the blog. If you wish to contact him or see some of his works, you can check them out here.
I'd like to begin with a set of pictures that I find particularly impressive - the Nazgul. It's really difficult to take decent pictures of models painted mainly using dark colors. I've never been able to set everything (background, lighting) right and take pictures that show the all the highlights really accurately. Not to mention the post-editing (increasing/decreasing the brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.). Well, it turned out it's possible and the pictures below show it very well.

This one has already appeared on the blog but I can't think of a more suitable song so here it is again:


  1. Those photos are awesome! They show everthing, they are so real! Well the best photos of Nazguls I have ever seen...When I made photos of my Nazguls, I wasn't very pleased of them, cause they didn't show all my work with dark clothes :/

    Yeah, and great idea with "Blast from the Past".


  2. Nice photos! And they look really great together :)

  3. Thanks for the comments, glad you like them. And yes, taking pictures of black models isn't easy so I'm more than happy to have someon do the great job for me :)

  4. Only one word: amazing!


  5. Out-freakin-standing!! :)

  6. I just have a question if you don't mind, what do you use to seal the Nazgh├╗l and other stuff you painted with the Andrea blacks?
    I really love the matte finish the paints give but I can't seem to get that same velvety look with the matte varnish I use. I've only tested Citadels, might not be the best one, I got another one I'm gonna give a try once I finish painting another black model :)

  7. Hi ethelie, sorry it took me so long to reply but I've been pretty busy recently - working from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. When sealing any metal minis I always start by applying a brush-on varnish. I use the most basic matt one that I could get in a hobby store but from what I hear Testor's dullcote is supposed to work extremely well (haven't had a chance to use this one yet). I follow it by spraying another coat of varnish - I use either GW's Purity Seal or Army Painter's matt varnish. One thing worth remembering here - always wait with adding the static grass/bushes and do it after sealing as the tend to be glued together and look bad after being sprayed with varnish.

  8. Oh I expect you have other things to do than answer questions :)
    I've heard good things about Testor too, worth a try. Need to get something for the army so I can spray them right away, I can't hold off from adding the grass for very long.


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