Tuesday 6 September 2011

King's Champion

The beginning of a school year is always a busy time, especially if you're a teacher. Still, I managed to find some time for painting and finished up a couple of dwarf lords/heroes. I will be showing all of them at the blog in the nearest future. I thought I'd start with my favorite so far - King's Champion.

Pretty much all of the metal miniatures of dwarves from the LotR range are great sculpts and this one's no exception. Each one from these three is nicely detailed, some of the elements are particularly well sculpted (the shields, helmets, armor). I also like them as they don't resemble any other previously released models too closely (which happens sometimes in LotR).

These guys are used separately in Lotr and function as a single unit in WotR. I decided to take advantage of it and create a kind of small diorama. I used a plastic statue from old ruins of Middle-Eerth set and some cork. I also added some GS to make sure that the spaces where bases go are round and even.

GW's snow flock and some scorched grass were used to finish it off. More dwarves coming soon so stay tuned :)


  1. I love the snowy effect on the diorama and the bases...very well done! And those paint jobs aren't too shabby either! ;)

  2. As always - great painting job. Well I don't really like the sculpt of the Champion, cause he looks like small Spartan with too big armor, but it's only my opinion :P
    And as botwt i love this snowy effect! So, to the next post.

  3. agreed, they are cool looking dwarves, the snow finishes them off nicely, its unexpected.

  4. I really don't like the minis. They are much more better than my Galadhrims and WE! It's not fair... I'm just kidding. ;) I like them.



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