Sunday 4 September 2011

Joy of Painting

Yesterday I took part in an event organized by GW Poland (Haldir was there too). It was part of a larger festival of games (various types but mainly board games). It took place in the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw. The scenery was very nice as we were set up next to the Palace on the Water. Weather was also perfect - warm and sunny.
The atmosphere was very nice too with whole families taking part in the event. Small kids were the most frequent guests but their parents/grandparents were also eager to have a crack at painting miniatures.
Everyone who sat down to paint could take the model he/she worked on home. We had lots of plastic minis from GW started sets (High Elves from The Island of Blood, The Fellowship of the Ring from The Mines of Moria and dozens of Space Marines from Assault at the Black Reach).
It's amazing how little guidance kids need to start painting. A brush, some paints, a miniature and some creative energy, that's pretty much everything.
Other Guys from (the biggest Polish website related to Lotr SBG/WotR) had their stands next to ours and spent the day teaching how to play War of the Ring and LotR SBG.
I really enjoyed taking part in this event. I think that this this the best way to promote the hobby, reaching out and showing it to everyone. Kudos to GW Poland for organizing everything and many thanks to everyone who took part in it.
You can see both of the Independent Painters in the pics below. I'm, the one wearing a checked shirt, Haldir's the one in blue sweater (second picture) and there's also my younger brother (black sweatshirt, first picture) who helped a lot during the event.

And here's probably the best song that summarizes the mood of the event:


  1. That is awesome seeing you helping the kids with some of your inspirational painting techniques...very cool!! :)

  2. Yep, It was pretty awesome day :) Especially seeing parents who, at first, kept an eye on their children and then just joined them in painting ;) Inspiring to see bunch of kids splashing around in paint :)

    BTW Viruk, I love the choice of music ;)


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