Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hit the Road

I guess everyone who has a blog finds himself or herself beginning an entry by "I haven't been writing much lately" or anything that has the same meaning. So instead of going with the flow I'll just briefly mention what has been taking much of my free time - preparing for my driving licence test. I took it today and I passes (my first attempt, yay!). It wasn't easy and it was very stressful too but somehow I managed to complete it. Now only 3-4- weeks of waiting and I'll finally be able to hit the road !

Now back to hobby stuff. I finished this one a while ago but haven't got round to uploading pics to the blog.

I painted Mouth of Sauron using pretty much the same techniques I used for the Nazgul earlier on. The main difference is that I used Dry Pigments (Vallejo) for Rust effect. I wanted him to look a little different and I thought this kind of effect might suit the model well.

Now I'm going to work on some dwarves. In fact, I've already painted quite a few of them and I'm working on some more at the moment so you can expect pictures soon :)


  1. ooh congratulations to the license then :)

  2. Outstanding job on the Mouth of Sauron models!! :)
    And congrats on the drivers license test!!

  3. ''I like it'' - click! Your models are beauty like always. How long have you painted it?


    P.S. I really like the song... Hit the road Jack... :D

  4. It depends, I usually paint a few/a dozen or more models at once so it's difficult to answer your question :)


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