Wednesday 10 August 2011

#9 The Witch King

Last but definitely not least, the Witch King. Once again, kudos to whoever sculpted these two. Really great models and painting them was a lot of fun. Not much to say about this one as I used pretty much the same techniques as before and focused mainly on keeping the highlights on the robes as smooth as possible.

The foot version is a bit tricky as the chain of the flail is very fragile. In order to make it stronger, I glued it to the top of WK's helmet.

And that's almost it as far as Mordor is concerned, at least for the time being. I'll post some pics of a final miniature later this week and then I'll start working on another army. To finish off, here's a nice version of a classic Metallica's song.


  1. I admit myself defeated.
    Was looking through the nazgul on the GW webshop and thinking "where is the ninth? is he not released yet?".
    Didn't occur to me that the Witch King is actually one of the nine.. :)

  2. Hey! I was waiting for this mineture for long time.;p I really like it. Also conclusion I wish to say the miniature is painting very well and I am waitning for more*.

    Greets, Turin Turambar

    *Maybe Sauron the Necromancer in green?

  3. I really like how you didn't paint the whole sword in flames like I've seen done to death on other models...looks very clean and doesn't detract from the rest of the excellent paint job!

    Well done my friend! :)


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