Thursday 4 August 2011

#8 The Shadow Lord

I didn't really like this model at first. I guess it can be partly explained by the fact that it used to be the most popular Nazgul among gamers in Poland and I've seen dozens of poor renditions of this model. I'm not a gamer myself but I noticed that at some point The Shadow Lord was a must in pretty much any Mordor army. In such cases it's hard to look past painting.

When I got the model I wasn't too impressed at first. It seemed too pompous with arms extended above its head. My initial opinion changed as i started working on this one. It's another great Nazgul sculpt with very high level of detail. It seems a little thinner (especially the foot version) compared to other ones but that's probably because it's sculpted this way and the cloak isn't too heavily folded.

I spent a little more time on the runes. I googles for Mordor runes and came up with a picture that showed how "Mordor" should be written in runes (not sure how "real" was it but I liked it anyway). I used the picture for reference and wrote the word several times along the edges of the robe of both foot and mounted version. While they add a lot to the miniature in terms of overall impression, i's easy to overdo with them. I noticed that in the codex version, the sheath of his sword is also covered with runes but I thought that painting them there would make this one look like a Christmas tree so I left this element out.
I'm not sure but I guess I could say this one's my favorite Nazgul so far.

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