Wednesday 3 August 2011

#7 The Betrayer

Another nice Nazgul model. This one has a few features that make him easily distinguishable from the other Dark Riders; the scarf-like extension of his cloak, something that looks a little like a turban and last but not least, the gems.

Painting him was quite enjoyable and it was easy to add more character to this one - I simply painted these elements using different, more vivid colors (well, apart from the turban - I left it black). I think that gems are the element that makes the difference here. Adding some shine to them gives the impression of richness and creates a bright focal point on a dark miniature.

Now, onto the Shadow Lord. I changed my mind about this model but more about it tomorrow. I'll leave you with one from my favourite contemporary guitar virtuoso. Maybe not his best, but I'm trying to keep the 'black' present in the titles of songs I attach while writing about the Nazgul.

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