Tuesday 9 August 2011

Walls and Terminators

Finally ! After 3 weeks of wandering around many,many places around I'm allowed back to my aparment. Enough to say that I had summer flat renovation done. As per usual workers had slight delay with it and presented their part of work week later that agreed. Then I had to do some work with wallpapers and electric instalation ;) A little break from working with 28 mm stuff. It was strange to do everything i real size :) I couldn't resist to take some "before" shots of walls in my room. As you can see they are striped naked of everything.

I decided to go with some subtle yet contrast choice of colours. So in GW's nomenclature I've choosen Liche Purple and somewhat of Fortress Gray with couple of borders.

Now to more interesting subject. I'm starting (soon I guess) a 40k project which includes Terinators. Lots and lots of them. There's gonna be 3 squads of them; 10 Assault Termies with Thunder Hammers, 10 with Lightning Claws and 10 Standard Terminators with range weapons. I also bought box of Grey Knights to use parts of that box to mix in with rest and make more customised set of "mech-look' units. I also intend to make some parts from scratch , like artificial limbs for example to enchance mechanical feel of group. Some painting tricks also ought to do their part (more metal parts, some different types of metal). Anyway I hope to get on the way slow and steady ;)

To finish my comback a pice that phonetically relates to my area of expertise for last days ;) Great piece by Offspring (and a bit of my beloved hockey with it :) )


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Terminators coming together...oh, and I love the choice of video.

    One thing I miss from the old days are Ray/Domi fights...being at the Aud or the Arena downtown watching those two clowns go at it was electrifying! :)

  2. Due to my position on rink I've always been more of goalie guy. So I don't miss the old NHL that much when it comes to fights since new one is compensating with more saves and goals :)

    Though Domi fights were awesome, he laid some punches with a smile then made joke about it coming to penalty box :)


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