Tuesday 18 September 2012

Finally got Wyrd Plastics!

Got a note from my local PO that 2 parcel are waiting to be picked up. I went there right after work and it turned out that both my Gencon Orders got here at the same time (even though one was sent almost two weeks before the other). As soon as I got home I quickly unpacked them with some help from my cats...

My first impressions are very positive. The minis are smaller than I had expected but the details are excellent, some of them very intricate. Now I'll have a hard time making up my mind what to begin with. I guess I'll start with Miss Terious and Mr Graves - probably my favorite among the lot. He is just amazing with a sculpt that's full of character. I also got two tape measures with Malifaux logo - nice touch, thank you Wyrd Games.

So all of you who are still waiting for your orders and don't have a tracking number (which was my case) - be patient and don't worry too much. Sooner or later they'll reach you ;)

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