Saturday 15 September 2012

Nightmare Teddy

Here's another addition to my Neverborn crew - nTeddy. Painting him was fun too but it took me a while to get the fur right. Once again, I ended up working from brighter to darker colors  and achieved the final effect with multiple washes/glazes and a few highlights. Now that I look at him, it's hard to believe that I actually started from light grey basecoat.

There were two options of putting the model together, the other one with its left arm clasped around a terrified child. I chose this one as I have other plans for the kiddo.
I like his slightly crooked posture as it goes well with the twisted look of Neverborn minis.

I needed to work with Green stuff, particularly in the area around his left shoulder as the arm didn't fit there perfectly. I also sculpted additional fur around and above his claws (both on the hand and on the feet). Each claw had to be glued individually, so pinning them would be just too painful. In order to make them stronger, I simply covered them with GS and sculpted fur on top of it.

My only concern is that he's much taller than the original Teddy and towers over him. In game they both count as HT3 models but they look like two entirely different individuals, not just two versions of the same thing. That being said, I still have to admit that I do like both sculpts :)

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