Sunday 18 November 2012

A new look

Time for another change to the design of Independent Painters. As you may have noticed earlier, there are a few new things.
First off, the address now longer has the "blogspot" part. It makes remembering it easier and adds a more professional feel. And the costs of buying a domain aren't really that high.
I've also added pages to the upper part of the blog. They should make navigating it easier. They are still mostly empty but I'll be working on filling them with content.
Last but definitely not least - a completely new look. New graphic design and a different layout. Many thanks to Reagan who is the author of these. Working with him has been a pleasure and his great skills and flexibility made realizing all my weird ideas possible.
The background is designed to look right on 16:9 screen resolution so you may be unable to see everything if you're using lower settings.
Anyway, hope you like the new look - I'd love to see some comments. And as far as new content is concerned - stay tuned, more coming soon :)


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