Sunday 4 November 2012

Finally a game of Malifaux... and A Game of Thrones

A scene from my yeaterday's game. LJ vs. the Dreamer 30 SS scrap. Two Austringers sit comfortably in a tower until a Coppelius is summoned right between them. Fortunately for me, LJ is not far behind and manages to get to the spot next turn. She successfully casts Sword Style, Charges and triggers Onslaughtwith a high mask (without even cheating). With three potential attacks (charge, Onslaught and Melee expert), things are looking up, especially taking into account the fact that I announced Coppelius as a target in Kill Protegee scheme. And then...

I got three Black jokers in this game and in the end lost it. It was a close one but this was clearly the turning point. I like the unpredictability of the game and the fact that random situations like this can make a well planned action backfire but I just wish it happened to my opponents once in a while.

I also played Game of Thrones (the new edition of the board game). I've played it only once before. The game's very tactical and requires not only careful planning of your action but also a lot of interaction with other players (making alliances and stabbing allies in the back are two key strategies).

It's a long game (we got to turn 5 and it was already well past midnight so we called it a day ) but if you have the time and a small group of people who want to get involved in the game, it can be fun.

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