Saturday 24 November 2012

Hobbit preorders

Well, the preorders for Hobbit are finally on GW site and we can finally see some better pics.
I love the new orcs - more details & more wild, menacing in appearance. And the new orc heroes are just awesome. I'll be ordering some of them, and Escape from Goblin town (seen above) is likely to be the first pick. As usual, GW offers a lot in a starter set so this one seems like a good choice. 
It looks like GW has slightly changed the style of designing some of the LotR miniatures. New goblins look more grotesque (and I'm not saying it's a bad thing!). On the other hand, the dwarves look like a perfect match for their older cousins. If everything goes well, I should have them next week so you can expect more pics soon.

And here's something that I've painted recently. I was struggling to take good pics of this one as the red mane of the warg seemed to somehow be reflected on other colors. Also, it's really difficult to take a picture that would show the details on the riders well and as a result some areas look much darker than in real life. These pics aren't too good too but at least they give a very general idea of the painting. 

I like the Warg as it's very dynamic and looks really wild. The goblins have their features well defined too but they did need plenty of work with GS before I could do anything with them...

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