Friday 12 July 2013

Evil Babies painted

These three were a lot of fun to work with. I think Wyrd did a great job designing them as they capture the spirit of Evil Babies from their card game. Their oversized heads with exaggerated features together with disproportionate bodies make them look over the top (in a good way)..

Painting them was a good exercise. The minis are very small but they also have some larger, flat surfaces (heads in particular). Placing highlights there was a bit challenging.

As far as color scheme is concerned, I followed the original artwork as I really like the vivid shades used there. I tend to paint using rather dark paints so it felt refreshing to paint something more lively for a change. I added the chest, cask and streetlight as I thought that these minis alone would look less interesting.


  1. Great job on such tiny miniatures. The little viking is so adorable. :D


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