Wednesday 17 July 2013

New plastic LJ crew spotted

EricJ has posted a picture of new LJ starter box on his twitter account. This is how it looks like:

I'm a big fan of the Death Marshalls and this is the first crew I bought and painted for Malifaux. I really like the new dynamic poses. Scales of Justice and the Judge are a big improvement in my opinion. They look somehow much more serious. The Death Marshals are even more dynamic than the original metal versions and I really like what I'm seeing there. I'm not sold on LJ as she looks tiny but I'll wait until I've seen the model in real life (pr at least until better, more detailed pics are shown).
I'm definitely going to order the box once it's available.  I'm a big fan of plastic miniatures released by Wyrd. When I look at my collection I think that they really push my to stretch my painting skills and actually help me improve them.

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