Tuesday 2 July 2013

Hunter Orcs #1

I've painted a few orcs as samples to test the color scheme before I move to the rest of them.

I've said that before but I want to stress it again - these miniatures are really great. Very dynamic sculpts with faces full of negative (these are evil orcs after all) emotions.
I tested three different skin tones (choosing them according to the codex look). The main challenge was to keep the color scheme in the browns without making them look too dull and uniform. 
I also wanted to put them on a bases that would resemble at least slightly the terrain from the movie. I painted the edges of bases and movement trays using the same colors I did for goblins to tie them better to the "Hobbit" miniatures. After painting them I remembered that some of them had some kind of warpaint on their faces so I'm now considering adding that too. I'm hesitating as their faces are relatively small and I fear that adding more there would take the attention away from the details there.

Mounted orcs were also fun to paint. I think the new wargs are a big improvement compared to the old versions. They look more three dimensional and have a much fiercer look. I painted these two using two different dark shades of brown. I plan to use even darker shades (closer to black than brown) for the leaders (Yazneg, Fimbul and a white one for Azog).

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  1. Looking great! You beat me to the punch, I just built 24 of them. I am going with green, white, and black face paint with mohegan native american themes and aztec/mayan designs.

    I had trouble figuring out conversions for these models as they were pretty complete out of box.


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