Friday 4 April 2014


I haven't been writing much lately but that doesn't mean I wasn't active hobby-wise. Been pretty busy at work and finding those extra few minutes to sit down, gather my thoughts and write them down seemed too challenging.
First off, I played my second game of M2E last Saturday. It was a 35ss game against Lynch, HD, 2 Illuminated and 2 Beckoners. I chose 'Dita, Francisco, Santiago, Enslaved Nephilim and 2 Austringers.
The strategy was Turf War and my schemes were vendetta and Assassinate.
The Austringers didn't actually do much but were a constant threat that held the Beckoners back and their 2AP Deliver Orders action once saved Perdita from HD's charge. I think 2 Pistoleros/1 Pistolero+2 hounds might also be a good idea. Francisco is very good around Dita as he can give her extra 2 wp and df every turn as long as she's within 2'. I played more aggressively this time and managed to secure victory at the beginning of turn 4 when 'Dita killed Lynch in 3 sweet shots. She also killed two Illuminated. And yes, she did that in one turn (Trick Shooting is a must for her, can't imagine using this master without this upgrade).

'Dita's harvest
It was a shame I played using unpainted minis so this week I've tried to catch up with my brushwork. I want to finish the whole Latigo Posse crew as soon as possible but at teh same time I want them to look good so I'm not going to be rushing things. I started with Nino, in previous edition he was a killer with his huge range and powerful triggers. In M2E he's still good with some nice new tricks but his survavability is an issue.

I used a Wyrd  ghost town themed base insert and added a small cactus from Pegasus hobbies set. I chose to paint his duster in a way that would reflect Nino's function in the Family (a sniper and an agile scout). That's why I added random patches of dirt and kept the colors toned down.
His glasses were really hard to get right. It might be hard to notice that in the picture but they're extremely small and getting to them was a big challenge.

Santiago is a true monster of a man. He's huge and towers over all the other members of his family. He's quite interesting in game as he gets better when he's wounded. He also has a nice trigger that allows him to shoot more than twice in one activation. And he's a member of the Family so companion rule can be used with him as well.

 Before I got started on painting I had to add one small change. I cut off the stone his keft foot was on and pinned his right one to the base. I think he looks even better now, more dynamic. I can't take credit for this idea as I saw it first on Wyrd forums. Can't remember the author but kudos to him/her for sharing the idea.
I wanted to use brighter and more vivid colors than I normally do so I made sure that the base shade was of a lighter tone than I typically choose. After that it was just a matter of applying a few highlights and returning to work on the recesses later on.
Santiago is a fantastic miniature and painting him was a lot of fun. I'll be focusing on other models from the Latigo Posse now. Perdita's next and I really like the new plastic version so working on her will be a pleasure.

Apart from miniature work, I've also prepared my first gaming table. I'm going to test it tomorrow when I'll be introducing some friends to the game so I will take pictures then.

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