Sunday 27 April 2014

Papa Loco

My work on the Latigo Posse continues with the latest addition of Papa Loco. He is the oldest men in the family and despite his mental problems (that straitjacket is not here by chance) he still commands respect. This is reflected with his "Hold this" ability, which gives +to damage flips for one turn to a friendly model. It's a very useful boost and sharpshooters like Perdita can greatly benefit from it. Still, using Papa Loco in game is tricky as he is quite unpredictable with triggers that can damage everyone around him and the fact that he blows up when killed.

The miniature is very nicely designed. Partly torn straitjacket, a few randomly attached sticks of dynamite, and a gun he's holding to his temple complete the crazy old geezer look. The details are superb, which always impresses me on plastic minis in this scale. However, some elements are so tiny that getting paint on them was a challenge. I'm talking about his eyes and teeth in particular. I had to use the tip of my 0 Kolinsky brush to get them right.

One more thing - a very interesting KS campaign has recently been started by Games & Gears Ichiban Studios. You can get some excellent brushes there for a reasonable price. Check it out here. The campaign is best summarized by one of the best painters in the business, Les Bursley.

I'm definitely going to back this one. My detail brushes need new replacements and this seems like the best choice in terms of price-quality ratio of the product.


  1. Another nice addition to the crew! Very neat white on the straitjacket, and I love how the red dynamite sticks pop.

  2. Papa Loco is probably my favorite model in Perdita Ortega new crew, he just oozes with character. And your paint job only enhances this; the sharp white really contrasts with the red of the dynamite.

    Having enjoyed your blog for a while now, I would like to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award! Hopefully it will help bring new readers to your blog. You can find more details about the award here:

    I know going through all of the steps for this award are a little tedious, so I understand if you choose not to do so!

  3. Thank you for the nomination Adam, much appreciated!


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