Saturday 17 January 2015


Two more minis I put together using parts from TTB male and female sets. I also added mutated limbs that I found in my bits box (I think they're from old WFB plastic Chaos Warriors set). The idea was to show how Brilliance changes humans and how it affects their bodies. 
I chose a "zombie" head for the female on purpose as I thought that even the part not yet affected by mutation might be showing signs of degeneration. i wanted to make it look as if she isn't fully aware of the changes taking place and that's why I chose an arm with cards held casually in hand.
I took a slightly different approach when working on the male one. I imagined him as some kind of veteran, possibly a bouncer at The Honeypot who was exposed to the effects of Brilliance. Unlike the lady, he is fully aware of the changes taking place and fully embraces them, understanding the power they give him.

The Illuminated are quite versatile beatsticks. Their Df 5 isn't impressive but they have Armor +1 and Regenaration +1. They are also terrifying, which can limit some threats from other living opponents. What's more, they have a (0) action that allows them to heal. It's not hard to pull it off as it requires just a 5 of any suit. 
Their melee damage output is solid and gets even better when the target has the Brilliance characteristic. A very good Cg 8 helps them get to the target much faster. They also have a Sh attach, at Rg 8. It has the same damage profile as the melee one, a little lower base value (5 compared to Ml 6), but it can help spread the brilliance among the opponents. 
The Illuminated have a strong synergy with Jakob Lynch but other Neverborn masters can also benefit from hiring them. A fairly fast, model that can serve as a solid beatstick and is very survivable is a welcome addition to many crews. One nice trick is to use Black Blood Shaman and have him attack the Illuminated to trigger Blood Infusion and add Black Blood to him.

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