Tuesday 20 January 2015

Lelu & Lilitu

I've had a chance to paint the classic metal version of these minis a while ago (I've done it twice in fact!) but this time I wanted to make them using TTB bits. The inspiration came from A Wyrd Place on FB where I saw these two heads used to create Lelu and Lilitu. It encouraged me to buy the set and give it a try.
I wanted to make them look almost human, and the parts from the set seemed perfect. Humanoid bodies with Neverborn heads. TThe only addition was a bit I used for Lelu's tail. It's actually a part of tentacle from the plastic Illuminated. At the same time I kept the original skin colors to make it easy to recognize the enforcers they're supposed to represent immediately. I plan to use both of them with Dreamer as summons so I used the same Orphanage base inserts. 

Lelu is clearly more of a beatstick. He has two decent melee attacks with a potential chance to heal up some wounds using his Vampiric Bite. His claws can also be a nasty weapon as the target he hits autmatically gains Poison +2. This attack gets a + if Lelu has 5 or fewer wounds remaining. He has a nice (0) action that allows him to push up to 3' and get Pounce Condition, which somehow compensates for his unimpressive Wk 4.
Lilitu's whip has an impressive Rg of 4 and can even cause the target to be Paralyzed with a Mask trigger. She can be also very useful with her Rg 18' Lure. With a very decent Ca of 7, it requires only a 5 of any suit to succeed. She also has a (1) action that gets her a + to all duels for one turn. She is also much faster than Llu with a Wk of 6.
While each has different characteristics and uses, they have a few things in common as well. They both have Black Blood and Regeneration +1. Also, each time one of them heals, the other gets to remove the same amount of wounds. The same goes for any conditions (unless 2 cards are discarded), so they can both have Pounce and a + to all duels (or both).

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  1. Again, fantastic use of the TTB kits. :) These two are instantly recognisable as Lelu and Lilitu. The paintjob is, as always, superb.


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