Tuesday 6 January 2015

Misery Loves Company #5 No Shelter Here

Pandora is a tricky master. She doesn't attack her opponents directly, relying on Wp duels to hurt them. She has strong synergy with her crew as both Pandora and Sorrows inflict 1 damage to each enemy within 6' that fails a Wp test. Both her Ml and Sh attacks cause the target to hurt himself/herself using their own (1) action. It's a unique mechanics that is used only by Pandora and her minions. 
As far as defense is concerned, she can always use her strong Wp of 7 in any opposed duel instead of her low Df 3. She can also effectively manipulate the order in which her opponent activates models and put Paralyzed on them with suitable upgrades. 

I wanted to make her look completely different than teh rest of teh crew so I used typical human skin color and dark clothes to set her apart from the rest. I tied her in with her crew by using the same type of base (Wyrd Orphanage insert) and bright green around the box she's holding (I used the same shade on Sorrows and Poltergeist).

No Shelter Here

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