Thursday 2 February 2017

#2/2017 Far From True

"Far From True" is the second book of Promise Falls trilogy by Linwood Barclay. The plot follows book #1 closely and the novel opens with a scene that takes place during the last screening at the drive-in movie theatre. There is an explosion and the screen collapses, killing several people. Detective Barry Duckworth begins a new investigation while continuing his work on two murder cases, which he believes are connected. Meanwhile, a private investigator called Cal Weaver is hired by the daughter of one of the victims to investigate a break-in at her father's place. He makes a disconcerting discovery there and soon finds out that there are even more dark secrets in Promise Falls that unfold as his investigation continues.
The focal point changes to different characters in this novel. The pace is fast and Barclay skilfully brings up different past events that greatly influence the current state of affairs. "Far From True" is very entertaining and there are many subplots so it's definitely a good idea to read this one right after finishing the first part. 

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