Saturday 4 February 2017

#3 The Twenty-Three

The final book in the Promise Falls trilogy is an excellent crowning of the series. Here all the events take on a larger scale as new deeds from the mysterious "23" shatter the remains of peace that the inhabitants of the town might have. As the investigation continues and detective Duckworth begins connecting all the dots, uncomfortable facts from the past of one of the main characters are revealed. Barclay manages to tie together all the loose ends, and... add yet another big surprise when the reader thinks that dust has already settled.
Barclay's writing is dynamic and his novels read really well. I only felt that in the third book the plot was driven forward more by events than intricate plot patterns and relations between characters. Still,  reading this trilogy it was a very enjoyable experience and I'm sure I will reach for more books by this author at some point in the future.

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