Friday 25 August 2017


Bandersnatch is a creature that was first mention by Lewis Carroll in "Through the Looking Grass". Wyrd likes using various famous works as inspiration for their models and his works offer plenty of opportunities to do so. It is describes as fast and ferocious, its appearance a mixture of several other creatures.
In Malifaux it is a spider-like creature that lives in the shadows.
It is a 5ss Rare 1, has Fae, Nightmare, and Spirit characteristic, and can be summoned by the Dreamer. It can crawl into shadow, which basically means that it can measure its attacks from its target, adding the Ht value to the Ml range. If you're living a dream than on trigger, it can force target of the attack to hit back.

The model originally comes with a trapper/poacher figure in front of it. I didn't really like it as I thought it was oversized so got rid of the human and used orphanage-themes base to go together with the theme I have in my Neverborn. I also added a bit of green mud to the base as I might use him with Titania and that crew is more swamp-themed.
I used very bright colors on the model, applying basic shades with airbrush and then using glazes and washes mixed with white paint for green elements. It was a pretty fast paintjob as I did most of it while watching a movie.


  1. Śliczny i pomysłowy. Podoba mi się ten kominek jako element całości.

    1. To ze starych dobrych zestawów Wyrda do podstawek. Robią je dalej, tylko w plastiku i trochę z przerostem formy nad treścią ;)


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