Wednesday 30 August 2017

Obligatory Gencon post #6

Yes, it's this time of year again. My sixth Gencon order was the fastest one as I picked up the parcel from my local PO mere 13 days after it was sent from Wyrd warehouse.

I only wish I'd ordered the upgrades but I didn't really expect to receive the order before September.

I'll keep with the tradition of including pictures of previous orders. Observant people will notice a trend there ;)

Gencon order 2016

Gencon order 2015

Gencon order 2014

Gencon order 2013
Gencon order 2012

I will have a big review up on the blog tomorrow or on Friday. I will give you a small sneak peek and add that it's the best Malifaux-related thing I've ever written about so stay tuned.

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