Friday 18 August 2017

Malifaux Clockwork Control Panel by Customeeple

There are some things in a game of Malifaux that are a necessity (cards, markers, etc.), and there are also those that are not essential, but make the game more enjoyable nonetheless. Clockwork Panel from Customeeple belongs to the second category. 

It is made of 2,5 mm MDF and comes packed neatly with all the necessary instructions. And trust me, your're gonna need them as assembling the panel isn't an easy task. They clearly illustrate which part goes where but it still takes a while as there are many different elements that are needed to put the whole thing together.

All the elements need to be removed from three MDF trays. However, I wouldn't suggest starting everything at once. When I first looked at them I knew I had to somehow plan my work. 
I'd written before that when it comes to painting MDF, Airbrush is my go-to tool. This material absorbs paint very well, which makes painting it with standard brush much harder. To make using airbrush possible, I had to work on the thing in stages as getting paint to the lower layer after the assembly would be very complicated.

This is the way I'd suggest painting it. As you can see in the pictures above, the lower part doesn't need a lot of paint, but is has to be applied in specific areas. The movable elements are very small and I decided to wait with adding them until the final stage.

One more thing regarding the movable elements. Make sure you dry fit them before the assembly and check that they can be moved freely. I messed things up at this point as some glue got on them and had to cut away some of the area around them with a hobby knife. 

When it comes to painting, make sure you apply colors with thin brush and the consistency is right. If you don't thin the paints down with water, the result won't be good as the thickness will give it the appearance of muddy substance, not something that is part of the structure.

The panel gets a solid endorsement from Chompy and Big Jake

I have to admit that the Panel looks simply amazing. It feels very good when you hold it in hands as all the movable elements are easy to access. It has a steampunk feel to it and the extra decorative elements make it look elegant. 
In a game I tend to place it next to the table. It keeps track of turns, soulstones, and victory points. Even a quick glance at it can be helpful to remind me of the situation in the game. I laways take it with me to tournaments and many people have given me positive feedback. The "wow" effect is definitely there.
If you like adding extra elements to your Malifaux games and want to enhance the gaming experiece, the Clockwork Panel by Customeeple is a way to go. You can order it here.

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