Tuesday 12 December 2017


Alternate Bishop used to be one of the rarest and most valuable miniatures from the Malifaux range. I managed to get him in a trade with another gamer from the US. Soon after that the mini appeared in Black Friday sale for $25... Oh well, at least I was finally able to paint him.
The model is based on a character from DC universe called Lobo. I'm not really familiar with it so after quick research I learned that he is some kind of badass alien bounty hunter. What I liked about him immediately were clearly distinctive features, style, and unusual colors. I decided to paint my miniature in a similar way and used this opportunity to simultaneously paint old plastic version of Bishop. I never cared much for that version of this model but it grew on me as I started working on it.

Bishop is a 10ss mercenary who is a versatile beater. He can choose a suit at the beginning of his activation and add it to all his duel totals until the end of his activation. Bishop can also choose whether he wants his opponent to resist his attacks with Wp or Df. His Ml value is a standard 6 with 4 different triggers that allow him to put slow on the target, push it 3' in any direction, deal one extra damage (not too bad on a 2/3/4 spread), or ignore Armor, Hard to Kill, and Incorporeal. The last one seems particularly nice. The only problems are Wk4 and his short range of only 1'. Still, he is swift and can flurry so a lot of damage can be caused as long as he is close to his target. His other Ml attack has a high value of 7, costs 2 AP, deals no damage but puts Paralyzed on the target.
His Df and Wp are solid 6 and if he wins a defensive duel in Ml, he can punch back for some extra damage.


  1. To nawet nie inspiracja Lobem, to zwykły plagiat! Ale udany, bo i postać zacna. Jak to się mówi: "Polecam poczytać komiksy o Lobo". Figurki prima sort!

    1. To jest Lobo, który udaje Bishopa :) Dzięki za rekomendację, nadrobię przy okazji :)

    2. Próbowałem odszukać różnice no bo przecież nie skopiowaliby wszystkiego z powodu praw do postaci ale ta rzeźba faktycznie przedstawia Lobo, nawet wszelkie emblematy dokładnie jak na kartach komiksu. Ładnie pomalowałeś! Muszę teraz kupić te figurkę bo nawet o niej nie słyszałem:-) A komiksy z nim są marne;-) Lobo zna każdy ale się go nie czyta;-)

    3. Teraz dostaniesz go tylko na ebayu, albo na grupie FB, albo przy kolejnej "wyprzedaży". Ale i tak jest lepiej bo wcześniej był ultra rzadki ;)


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