Friday 15 December 2017

Burt Jebsen

I've seen this model in most of the Gremlin crews I've faced. His lower Sh value of 5 is not that bad when you look at the potential triggers you can pull off, especially the ability to take the action again. His Ml is a solid 6 and with an extra ram he will hit for 4/5/6. There is also his tactical action that can clutter up enemy models (which is neat as his Sh attack has a blast on moderate and severe).
Burt is a Gremlin, so he can go Reckless. His is also Slippery, meaning he can choose another friendly model within 2' to be the target of attack instead of him. He is also immune to damage from Pulse effects. If he wins a Df duel on a Ram, he can deal 2/3/4 damage that cannot be cheated. And he's Hard to Kill. That's quite a lot for a 7ss enforcer. There's the mercenary tax to take into account if you hire him out of faction, but he may find his place in some of my Neverborn crews.

Painting skin was the main challenge while I was working on him. I used bright vivid shade of green to begin with, toned it down with bright brown glazes, and then brought it back by using base color mixed with increasing amounts of yellow. 


  1. Ależ pukawka! Kolejny śmiechowy model. A przy tym klimatyczny i perfekcyjnie pomalowany.

    1. Burt jest też znany w polskim środowisku graczy jako "Burt j** się" ;)


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