Monday 25 December 2017

The Forgotten Marshal

I've never seen this model on table but it seems to bring a lot of interesting options for the Ressers. First off, it can bury and unbury next to any other friendly model at the beginning of next turn. The Forgotten Marshal also brings solid Sh with his Peacebringer. He can deal some damage and apply nasty conditions in melee as well. He has 7 Wds but he should be able to survive some beating with his Hard to Wound +1. There is also a funny ability called "Forgot it was in there", which means that a random model will be summoned when he's killed. It's either some kind of scheme runner or, if you're very lucky and flip Red Joker, Student of Viscera.

I had an idea of painting him to look like old undead cowboy so I used different shades of brown on his clothes and leather belts. Sick pale skin tone and empty eyes were added to complete this look. His base was painted to fit Molly's crew I painted a while ago.

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