Friday 29 March 2019

#5/2019 The Breakdown

This is probably the worst novel by BA Paris I've read. The plot is rather simple - a woman travels by car late night in bad weather and notices a car with another woman inside. She stops to check on her and after a while gets spooked and decides to leave. The following day she finds that the woman she saw was murdered. Wracked with guilt, she can't stop thinking about the situation. It gets worse as more details of the crime are released and events take a turn for the worse, making her question her sanity.
The mystery is there, the plot thickens as strange events begin to pile up but what I found lacking was... perhaps substance? In essence, this is a rather simple story, limited to only a few characters and contained within relatively small area. That means the possibilities for a potential antagonist are very limited and it's not too difficult to figure out that something feels odd about the whole thing early on. That being said, it's still a solid page-turner. 

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