Thursday 14 March 2019

Rumble in the Jungle

 Cojo was one of the biggest winners of various erratas that Wyrd has introduced to balance the game. For his fairly low cost he is a versatile beater/scheme runner/scheme denier. 
I have never painted a monkey or ape model before so I approached this mini with some apprehension. While I do like the proportions and pose, I don't care much for the spikes on his forearms and his back. Hard to imagine him pounding his chest in battle-ready stance with these on but they do explain his ferocious (pained?) expression. 

As always painting white, especially on such big surface, was a challenge. I focused on diluting the paint with water to very thin consistency here and applying multiple layers for smooth blends (both on fur and skin parts). Skin part was tricky as I started with purplish tone and worked it up with browns to light yellow. I also wanted to make sure that the swampy part of his base looks murky, as if he stirred it bu wading through water.

Jackalope was painted in a similar color scheme with the main difference on his fur as I tried to make it look more rumpled and filthy. The severed/bitten off head was given several glazes of different colors varying ranging from brown to blue to give it a slightly decomposed look. I was working on 4 models simultaneously so that sped things up a little. I've also decided to use glowing eyes effect to give them extra element of magical/unnatural appearance.

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