Thursday 14 March 2019

Goodbye my little friend

I know it's a hobby blog but since this cat was present here on many occasions I feel it's right to write a few final words about him.
"Tuptuś" was such a nice, gentle presence in my life that it was truly heartbreaking to have him put down. He had pretty good 8 years with my family during which he managed to survive leg amputation and a number of other serious diseases. Sure, he had his shortcomings like lying in the middle of my workspace or neglecting to use his litterbox for #1. But he was also a fighter who lived his life to the fullest despite many limitations. Having him around has made me a calmer, gentler, more emphatic, qualities that make me a better person. I guess he used up at least a few of his extra cat lives during his time with us. Sadly, the last one wasn't too good. All the infections he'd gone through had taken their toll on him. It was hard to watch him gradually fade into the state of pain and confusion. The decision to have him put down was probably the toughest I've ever had to take but deep down I believe it was the right call.

his big buddy is already missing him
his last pic, probably not the most flattering one

It's funny how we get used to the company of our furry family members and take them for granted. Still, they do affect us in a positive way and leave many good memories to be cherished. It may seem strange to write it but I do believe having him around has made me a better person. He's also taught my kids (sometimes with the help of his teeth or nails) to be more gentle and kinder to smaller creatures. And those who say that animals don't have emotions couldn't be farther from the truth. My second cat has been miserable for last two days and has been walking around our apartment, crying in what sounded like eerily human-like voice. Time probably heals wounds and all will be fine once we come to terms with it and are able to distance ourselves a little...
You will be missed, my little friend.


  1. Szczerze współczuję:

    przechodziłem to samo w grudniu ubiegłego roku: najmłodszy z mojego stada również (7-latek) strasznie się pochorował i w ciągu 2-3 tygodni TO było najbardziej humanitarną rzeczą jaką można było zrobić.

    Zakładam że ganiają teraz razem z Tuptusiem po największym biurku w zaświatach.

    1. Dzięki, i też współczuję, kawał czasu, duża część życia i wiele dobrych wspomnień odchodzi ale też sporo zostaje. Na pewno na tym wielkim biurku jest dużo fajnych rzeczy do zrzucenia!

  2. I lost my two cats in very quick succession. I found it heartbreaking and Im ashamed to admit that I cried my eyes out. Not a pretty sight seeing a grown man cry.My cats were my constant companions during the first years of my retirement and I spoiled them ridiculously. Its very understandable that one should be very upset, best of luck with the mourning and so sorry for your loss.

    1. Thank you sir. I see nothing shameful about crying after a loss like that, especially given that I felt and did the very same thing.

  3. You were not alone, Robbie.
    What Viruk said: nothing shameful about crying after lost friend.


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