Sunday 12 June 2011

Back in Mordor (IX)

I've been pretty busy with work recently so I haven't made much progress on the Morannon orcs. I basecoated the whole box of warriors together with captains and command so that now I can work on all of them simultaneously.
I used some simple conversions and small changes to the poses. I've found that simply by placing two identical miniatures on slightly different base (and painting them in a different way, e.g. two various skin colors). This can work well with captains/hereos as well. Here are some examples.

Not much to see at this point but it should give a general idea of what I mean. Once they're painted it'll be easier to see the differences.

Another way to introduce some variety in a unit that I often use is doing simple conversions such as head or weapon swaps. Once again, here are some examples:

I also painted one of them as a test model to try a color scheme. I kept the colors dark and the armor slightly darker than the kind I painted on the Mordor orcs.

I've already started working on the reds but the progress isn't very fast as I'm working on all of the remaining Morannon orcs at the same time. I'll post an update once I've finished working on them.

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