Tuesday 28 June 2011

Back in Mordor (XI)

I had a great "long weekend" (4 days off thanks to national holiday) and spent it in Mazury (an area in northeastern Poland famous for its beautiful lakes and forests). Even though the weather wasn't great we (me and my wife) enjoyed ourselves very much and recharged batteries. Just to give you an idea of how it looks like, see the pic.

Well, the weekend is over. I'm not complaining though as I still have two months off (probably the best part of being a teacher). Right after coming back I sat down and had two long painting sessions to wrap up the current unfinished minis. The Morannon orcs are pretty cool models, definitely much better sculpted than the regular Mordor orcs. The sculpts are not all great though. There are some parts that look very nice (some of the faces, dynamic poses, weapons) but there are also some weaker spots. In order to add some variety I made a few minor conversions and added some shields from the Army of the Dead.
A few of them look like they were too hastily finished and look a bit misshapen.
Anyway, I'm glad this part is finished and I can start working on a next bunch of ugly orcs, this time from Barad Dur. After that, I will start working on more interesting models (the Nazgul).
Alright, that would be it for now. Just to wrap thing up, here's a video created by one of my favourite conteporary artists (I don't hesitate to use this word as I regard Don Hertzfeldt very highly).


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