Wednesday 1 June 2011

Back in Mordor (VI)

The skin is pretty much ready. I tried to keep it slightly brighter than I normally do while painting this kind of sickly looking skin on orcs. This was done to create more contrast between large skin surface and the dark armor.
His skin has two distinct areas; the front, which is smoother and the back area (some kind of scales), so I made sure that the painting shows where one area ends and another starts.
By writing "sickly looking" I mean much darker colors in the recesses and the overall look of the skin. That's why the transitions from darker colors to brighter shades are not so smooth and the darker/brighter spots are not placed cohesively throughout the whole area.
Hopefully I'll get this one painted by the end of the week, so stay tuned for an update soon :)

Also, speaking of big guys,my all-time favourite NBA player has just announced his retirement. Kudos to Shaq O'Neal for 19 years of great career, both on the court and away from it. He's got such a magnetic personality that it's hard for me to imaging the league without him. The only thing that would make up for it is if he created yet another power duo with Charles Barkley on the commentary ;) So, once again, big cheers to the man and to finish off this post in style, here's one of my favourite Shaq moments.

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  1. Hmmm, seeing the job you did on the skin of this troll makes me want to do a few touch ups on my Trolls. Keep up the great work.


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