Saturday 19 November 2011

...and Justice for all

Lady Justice's Crew was the first one that really drew my attention. First of all, there are the amazing Death Marshals, great sculpts and really interesting characters. Secondly, there's Lady Justice. Fluff is a really important part of Malifaux and I really enjoyed reading the parts which presented this character. Fluff aside, the model is great too. The overall quality of the sculpt is amazing with plenty of details. I like the "justice's blind" pun that's involved too.

I stuck to the original color scheme pretty closely as I simply like it and didn't want to change too much. I kept the colors dark and the highlights smooth. Painting her hair was the biggest challenge as they're very long and take up lots of space. In fact, if you look at her from the back that's the first, if not the only thing you notice. I guess when you look at her from the front, most notice also just one thing ;) Anyway, I knew that I'd need to pay extra attention to this element so here's how I did it. I started with basecoating the model black and spraying some brown paint over it for basic highlights. The whole hair area was painted using two thin layers of scorched brown. I followed it by applying a wash of badab black. Two colors were painted using drybrush then - once again scorched brown and bestial brown. After that I highlighted only using thin brush as drybrushing doesn't work well with highlighting small surfaces - the paint gets too evenly distributed over the whole area and all the shades are lost. The successive highlights were painted using: vermin brown, vermin brown mixed with some blazing orange, the same mix with a little bleached bone and pure bleached bone. The key was to keep the paints thinned down with water and apply two very thin layers rather than one thick.
I used a base insert with a tombstone from Wyrd Games in order to tie the model better with the competition I entered it in (The Rotten Harvest). I wasn't successful with this entry but I was with another one, which I will describe in my next post.
As for the choice of music - well, there simply can be no other for this one:

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