Wednesday 2 November 2011

Elves and Horses

This post is brought to you by One Ring's monthly painting challenge. It did indeed challenge me a bit to come up with something new. Especially since I saw some great entries there.
Kudos guys your minis are top notch. Also due to a fact that I had Arwen (mtd) waiting for her brush time I wanted to make her special. I decided to leave standard purple scheme I used with foot version a while ago. So I asked myself  "What's my second favourite GW colour?".

Dark Angels Green was the anwser. So I build the scheme around that. Also I wanted the mount to be some kind of unique , hence the idea of dots. I think it presents istself rather good though there's always room for improvments. Only thing I'm not totaly found of is the sword. I've choosen to  go with metallics this time, it'll be great but I think I rushed it a bit due to approaching deadline forentries in challenge :D Maybe I'll change it someday :)

Now it's the time to wait and see. I hope it will do good in poll.

For music corner I picked piece that I accidentally found a week ago and been listening to it ever since (yep 7 days...). It's magical :)

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