Monday 28 November 2011

Forest Rangers II

Rangers of Middle Earth are one of my favorite plastic models from the LotR range so I was glad I had another chance to paint these guys. The main challenge was to keep the various shades of brown diversified while still making them look like a coherent unit.
Another thing to bear in mind was that these are rangers, which means they usually travel and scout ahead of the army. That's why I went for the "deep forest old ruins" theme for the bases. To further mark them as those that travel a lot I added weathering to their cloaks and tunics. I also finally had a chance to try a product from the Army Painter - wilderness tuft. It's very easy to use and looks nice and realistic once glued on the base. I tried to use a few different types of flock to achieve a look of deep, humid forest where lots of different types of grass and moss can grow. Now I plan to work on a few Faramir's rangers and then the heroes I showed earlier on.


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  2. Thanks for the comments :)

    @Stahly - great, thanks for letting me know about this network and I'm definitely up for it. I've just added a link to the list here.

  3. Oops, missed this one. :(

    Excellent job on these rangers...amazing job on the colors! :)


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