Sunday 13 May 2012

Doing justice to Justice?

The first thing you can notice if you compare the alternate sculpt and the Dead Justice versions is that they're much smaller than the original mini. I don't know why it's like that but I did feel that the first version was a bit over sized compared to the rest of her crew.

I really like the alternate version. The pose is much more dynamic (you can see the previous one I painted here). Personally, I think that resizing her to proper height was a good idea as it added more subtlety and grace to the model. I used the same color scheme and the same base for the alternative sculpt. The only difference is that now that the blade is visible, I worked it over with some glazes to add it an eerie look. Somehow, my camera doesn't pick that up well and this element looks much worse than in real life...

The Dead Justice is another great sculpt. I like the twisted look of this one with her knees bent and her own hand in hand. I followed the color scheme I used on the other versions pretty closely with the exception of her skin. Here I went for a sickly, grayish look. In order to make it look more undead-like, I used some washes and glazes of purple, red and green. And just to play with the "Dead Justice" idea, I used a tombstone that has R.I.P. engraved onto it.
I had fun working on her and the nice thing is that you can actually use models from the Dead Justice set for gaming as a Ressurectionist crew.
Now I just need to put together the Avatar Justice and take a small family photo. That will have to wait for a while though as I have plenty of stuff that needs to be painted first.

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