Sunday 20 May 2012


When I started painting this mini I had an idea to paint his pants in vertical blue and white stripes, making him similar to Obelix but in the end decided that it would add an unwanted comical aspect and went for a catalogue color scheme as it goes better with the dark look of my Guild crew.
The first thing you notice when you look at this guy is that he's really massive. The main thing while working with minis like that is that you have to remember to keep your paints thinned down with water all the time as otherwise large areas will look flat. Obviously, that's not the case when you work with an airbrush but that's a different story.

The main thing I had to take into account was how to deal with the large skin area and the claws. I decided to use a pale skin color for the main part and a rotten look for the hands that he wears tied to his belt. Painting chest hair was a bit tricky. I used Vallejo Pale Grey wash and Badab Black for that, applying them with a very thin brush. I also made a decision not to use blood on the claws, choosing to add rust on the blades instead. The metallics were painted with new Army Painter paints and once again I have to stress it - I love them!

his base is quite big so I had to come up with some ideas how to fill this space. I used resin tombstones - my Guild crew has a solid cemetery theme and these were meant to go along with that. And of course, the display base too.
Now, let's work on some LotR minis again.


  1. Wow! You really nailed this one! You make me want to paint a Guild crew for myself. I take my hat off for you sir.

  2. i like how the claws came out really good stuff man. and i also like the base, i like that you gave it a lot of texture gives it a better feel.


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