Friday 11 May 2012

Scales of Justice

Here's the first of the models used in in the "FORBIDDEN" piece, the Scales of Justice.

 In game, it's Lady Justice's personal Totem, extending her will and improving her capabilities. I really like the concept of the model, reminds me of the way people were punished for sins in the Dark Ages.
I used metallics from the Army Painted for the first time here and I have to admit that I'm very happy with them. They're a bit thinner than Citadel paints (at least the old ones, I haven't tried the new range yet) and they're easier to apply onto palette as they're in dropper bottles.

I'm pretty happy with how his skin turned out. I used a slightly darker, more brownish color for the wood as I wanted it to stand in contrast with yellow pants.
When I look at the mini more critically, I see some ares that could have been better. First off, the blood looks too "warm", I think a darker look would make it look more realistic. I've recently come across a great hobby website and an interesting article on painting blood using inks. I'll definitely have to give it a go.  Other than that, the ropes look a bit too uniform. I could have worked them over with dry pigments.
Next time I'll write more about Lady Justice (alternate sculpt) and Dead Doxy.


  1. Awesome work mate (so awesome that it creeped me out a little)!

  2. wood in particular looks gorgeous! and nice work on his pants


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