Wednesday 9 May 2012


"You are forbidden to enter this world!", shouted Lady Justice with confidence.
And confident she was, having her trusted Totem and Executioner behind her. The ghastly apparition she was facing was just another nuisance sent by the Resurrectionists and dealing with it shouldn't prove a challenge. Still, she had a tingling sensation in back side of her head that it might be slightly different this time...

At least that's the kind of story I wanted to convey in this piece. I'm still taking part in the Iron Painter painting contest. Technically, I've already been eliminated but it's possible to take part just for fun and upload your works in the "I think I Can" category. Those works are still judged and commented on so it kind of makes up for the effort.
The theme for the current round is "FORBIDDEN" and I decided to kill two birds with one stone by working on my ITIC entry and at the same time deal with my Malifaux backlog.
I will be posting better pictures of the minis soon so stay tuned. If the pic can't be viewed in larger size, you can check this link out.

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  1. Nice Maliaux crew!:)The displaybase really gives them the little extra!


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