Thursday 26 April 2012

Panzer division Gondor

I've been quite busy with painting some Gondor minis recently. I thought that instead of devoting a separate entry to each unit, I'll write a longer summary with more pictures.
First off, the Citadel Guard. I really like these minis. They have a veteran look to them. Each of those that hold spears has a slightly different pose or even different face (beard and mustache/shaven). I kept the color scheme dark as I usually do while working with LotR minis.
These guys have several brighter elements that I think go well with black. The yellow and pseudo NMM trim on their tunics and cloaks add a much needed element of contrast there. I had a chance to use the new Citadel glazes on them too. I glazed their armor plates with Gulliman Blue. It's pretty much watered down Asurmen Blue. Actually, I had to add some water to it as the tint of blue would be too strong otherwise. So for those of you considering buying new Citadel glazes, my suggestion would be to stay away from them and stick to washes as they're good enough for glazing once you thin them down with water.

Here you can see a group photo with their leader - Beregond. I used slightly different highlights on him to make him look unique but still close enough to the rest to fit in well with the whole unit. I gave his skin a more weather-beaten look as I thoughts that since he's a leader he is the one who's been around more.

Faramir and the Knight of Minas Tirith with banner come next. I'm not a big fan of the painted version from GW's online store as he the way he bares his teeth make him look as if he was suffering from constipation. I wanted to avoid this wild look so rather than marking his teeth, I highlighted the lower lip only. I typically avoid painting upper lip as it makes the characters look like harlots. Following the official color scheme, the edges of his helmet are painted with golden color. I like this idea as it makes him look more special than a regular Knight.  I tried to take pictures that would show the bases. I added random fragments of pavement to go along the "ruins of Osgiliath"/"battle for Pellennor" theme.

I used some of the new paints I bought from Army Painter for Metallics for this lot. I have to admit that they're excellent. They're a tad thicker than Citadels but they come in dropper bottles so using them is much more convenent. The same can be said about their inks - so far I've used only Streonh Tone (close to Badab Black) and Soft Tone (close to Gryphonne Sepia). You can read more about AP's inks here. I can totally recommend them.

Last but definitely not least - Osgiliath veterans, my personal favorites. I really like the sculpts, great minis full of character. Various little bits (headband, patches on cloak, pieces of rope wrapped around greaves, etc.) make them look like battle-hardened warriors.
I added a few washes and glazes of various brown inks/washes to make sure their armors looked like they'd seen better days.

And that's it for now. I'm going to paint Warriors and Knights of Minas Tirith along with Boromir and command group soon but before that happens I want to paint a few Malifaux minis :)


  1. Great looking Gondor force! I hope mine look as good as yours. Your bases is really what makes the army.

  2. Thanks, I had a look at your blog and I have to admit, you have some great looking minis there!

  3. What paint you used to paint the ends of coats? Model is very, very nice :)

  4. I used dry pigment from Vallejo (dark brown) and finished it off with MIG pigment fixer.

  5. Nice work! the bowmen are my favourite, you're really good at muted colorschemes without having the minis look uniform :)

  6. Great painting - this is something for me to try to strive for. Perhaps, some day I will reach it :) And the bases then, holy camoly! Five stars out of five.

    Llama out

  7. Fantastic work on these miniatures!!


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