Friday 6 April 2012


I painted this mini a few months ago but somehow forgot to post it here. I bought it on ebay as I wanted to have a chance to check the quality of this type of models - characters/leaders cast entirely in plastic.
Much to my surprise, the quality was excellent, all the parts fit nicely (the base, together with the skeleton is actually an original part of the model too) and apart from several mold lines there were no problems. I only used a little LGS to fill in a small gap on the back.

Seeing that this model has many flat surfaces, I decided to forget about my painting style for a while (smooth highlights, many subtle highlights) and painted this one using more contrasting highlights. I painted thin lines of base colors and worked them up to lighter shades.
The stuff was highlighted in a more "traditional" way for me but I ended up giving it several glazes to get this old, rotten look.
It was an experiment but I'm overall pleased with the outcome, I'm particularly happy with the face as I managed to get the look I had planned.
And that;'s it for now, happy Easter everyone!


  1. I really like the highlights!
    Can you give a painting guide for one item, the cloak for example?

  2. Thanks for the comment. As I wrote, it was an experiment and I don't plan to paint more minis this way. However, if I do. I will make sure to take WIP pics and post a tutorial. Cheers

  3. Great face on him! and I really like the mossy look of the staff. Excellent color choices.


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