Monday 9 April 2012

New Citadel paint range review

A very good review of the new range. It certainly saved me some cash as I had originally planned to buy some of the dry and texture paints just to check them out.


  1. Excellent review, just what I was looking for. I myself only use the Foundation and Washes from GW and abandoned their old regular range a long time ago (using Vallejo and P3 these days). It really bothers me that the new colors don't match the old ones. I think GW made a really big mistake this time around and shot themselves in the foot with such a ridiculous change of names, formula and reduction of standard paints.

  2. Time will tell but I think you're right. The competition on the market is pretty strong and even though I like their foundation paints and washes, I prefer other manufacturers for the rest (Andrea, VGC, Reaper...)

  3. I aim to pick some of the better colors and then transition most of my paint colors to other brands. I did like the base colors.

  4. I think the name change has much to do with the fact that they can't well trademark a color like "ultramarine blue" as that is an actual color. Also, their paint range didn't have the best reputation among painters.
    However I'm not sure it's a smart move to change the actual colors, I think a lot of painters (and especially people who paint big Warhammer armies) won't be so appreciative that they now have to find new colors to match what they're used to.
    Some of it I find plain ridiculous, like the texture paints. How on earth are you supposed to be using that on bases? I tried one of them out and it's more paint than grain, like he says in the video, I don't think it will be more efficient than just glue and sand really. Even if it's already basepainted. And seriously, how many bases will that tiny pot hold for? They should have made those parts of their range including primers etc, and sell them in larger pots. (That they didn't doesn't tell me anything more than that they're greedy and want you to spend more money on a useless paint.)
    I'm not sure what to think about the layer color, like he says, there's no absolute solution to how thin your paints should be. I think it's kind of a weird idea.
    I do think the basecolors seem promising, I've tried out white and red and from what I can tell they have pretty good coverage (I can't compare to the old ones though, I haven't used them).

    Sorry about the rant. I'm altogether untouched by this anyway as the only GW color I have is enchanted blue, but nonetheless :)

  5. What a great review!
    Thank you for taking the time and effort to make such an informative video.

  6. Just to make things clear - it's not my review, I only posted a review I found.


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