Saturday 21 April 2012


I've been thinking about adding new graphics to Independent Painters for a while. A few weeks ago I changed the layout but was still not satisfied with the effect. I'm no good at graphic design, so I asked a specialist for help. As a result I got new banner, new background and a completely different color scheme of the blog.

The person behind all those changes is the same guy who is the author of awesome pictures that I throw in once in a while in the Blast from the Past series - Reagsy. The guy is a 100% professional, totally dedicated to his work and open to suggestions. He's great to work with as he makes sure that the customers get exactly what they want. Apart from that, he's really fast as it took us a short time to get on the same page with the design, brainstorm ideas and come up with the final effect. So, if you consider adding some nice graphics or a complete overhaul of your blog/website, he's the man. You can check out some of his other works here.

I'm really pleased with the final effect. I think that the blog visually looks great, it has a  more professional look to it and the layout is much clearer. Still, it would be great to read other people's views on this look so feel free to leave a comment below.

And to finish off this post, a well known cover with a surprise appearance by an unlikely guitarist.


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