Monday 16 April 2012

Gondor royalty

As promised in one of my earlier posts, I'm trying to catch up with publishing pics of painted minis that somehow got lost. Today a few pictures of Gondor royalty. First off, Denethor and Pippin.

Both were painted using a dark palette. I really enjoyed painting Pippin. The minis of hobbits from a LotR range are very nicely detailed and despite their size, the quality of sculpt is top notch. As far as Denethor is concerned, I wanted to capture the madness and complete distrust of everyone in his facial expression.

 While painting these I wanted to keep them looking royal by adding richness to the reds and finishing off their ancient-looking armor with a touch of golf. The bases were finished off using resin inserts from Spellcrow. They're excellent and I can easily see them used in many different tabletop games as they can be fit on various types of bases. I'll write more about Spellcrow soon.

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  1. They look´s great! I like the realisctic paint style you have on these.


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