Thursday 30 May 2013


I'm still working on my Malifaux backlog and have a few painted models I haven't posted here yet. The first of these - Guild Exorcist, was painted a few weeks ago.

I followed the original color scheme pretty closely, adding a few changes here and there. Painting the dark blue coat was a bit of a challenge but I think the color works well with red cuffs and nmm gold trimming.

What I liked in particular about this miniature is his emotionless face. It has the "I'm just here to do my job" vibe. What I liked a bit less can be clearly seen in the last picture. Looking at the mini from the side, it seems unnaturally flat. I guess this is just the way minis were cast by Wyrd in the past as there are many other ones that have the same problem. Still, I did enjoy painting this one and will be posting other pics of painted minis soon.


  1. Great miniature and paint job. I'm also thinking about starting with painting Malifaux miniatures. I like the miniatures range.

  2. Malifaux has great mechanics with its card system instead of dice. However, the miniatures are the main reason I'm into this game. This August a new edition will be released with a few new starter boxes (all plastic) so that would be great time to get in the game.

    1. Just when I wanted to buy a starter box I heard about the 2.0 release in august, so I'm going to wait.


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