Tuesday 21 May 2013

Thorin's company #8 Brothers in arms

These two are among my favorites in the Hobbit box. Bombur was probably the best looking dwarf in the movie. His make-up was truly outstanding. Shame he didn't get a chance to talk even once (maybe he did in the extended version).

 Bofur, on the other hand, wasn't exceptional at all for me in the movie. He seemed just like another dude from the company and his funny hat actually made him look a bit comical. I wasn't impressed with the mini too but that changed when I started painting it. It proved an excellent exercise in balancing different shades of brown. I needed to mix paints back and forth to make sure each one is slightly different.

There are still a few more dwarves left in the company so you can expect an update soon. For now, I'll leave you with a nice song.


  1. Thanks mate, this means a lot coming from a guy who's an expert painter himself and specializes in Hobbit stuff :)

  2. Indeed, awesome.
    I really like your painting style!

  3. Awesome work man, like always. Congrats.


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