Wednesday 8 May 2013

Mr Graves

I can officially say now that this one has moved up to my top 3 favorite Malifaux minis. It's a very tight list so I'm not able to say exactly which spot he's taken but he's there for sure.
The miniature is so full of character and so well sculpted and painting it has been a great
experience. It's also been quite a challenge.

Mr Graves is not human, making a long story short he's a Neverborn in disguise so I decided to paint his skin using a very pale shade, emphasizing it with a very light blue glaze. While doing it I needed to make sure his white shirt is still distinct enough and doesn't blend with the skin tone.

Black trousers, shoes and vest were another challenge. I tried to keep the shade of black on clothes and shoes slightly different. As always, I struggled with taking pics that would show these effects well and ended up choosing mostly pictures taken with better daylight. In real life he's not that shiny, I just wanted to make sure the different shades of colors are visible in the pictures.


  1. Very nice! The skintone is superb. :)

  2. Amazing! That mini is on my "must have"- list as soon as I can find inspiration to start to paint again. You sir is a true artist!

  3. Great job on the skin tone, looks as creepy as it should! :)


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